Making the all-new Mac Pro – Ad Analysis

In recent years, the use of authenticity in advertisements has been used more often. This is partially due to the rise of bigger corporations, and the dominance of capitalism. Namely, authenticity can be expressed in various ways. It can be derived from a personal story, all the way to the production process of a product. We will see how Mac Pro TV commercial from Apple uses realism and uniqueness to promote their new PC.

Usually, to suggest an authentic production process, the manufacturing procedures of a product are usually shown. This is the case in Apple’s ad titled “Making the all-new Mac Pro”. In reality, this production process is augmented in a more positive and authentic tone, done by the use of carefully shot videos scenes. As an illustration, this can be observed at the 1:22 mark of the ad. We see the camera in a sliding motion to the right as if the camera was just peaking inside the factory. During these moments, we catch what seems to be a regular day at an Apple factory. We notice workers just going about their day as if none one was really filming everything. This same camera technique can be observed multiple times throughout the ad, and in some specific ones, you can observe the faces of the employees. This is most notably in the 1:42 mark of the ad. Half way in that second, we see the making of a genuine-looking smile. As the woman is assembling the all-new Mac Pro, she demonstrates a positive attitude towards the production process of the product. We can look at this scene as the woman expressing a positive attitude towards the process of the Mac Pro.

Another interesting point is the process the Mac Pro goes through. The ad showcases how the product is created in batches at the same time. For example, how they are dipped in the paint altogether, and how that represents they are all the same. This is interesting because Apple would usually try to stay away from this idea of making its product feel like is just a bunch of copies from each other. However, aside from the scenes with batches, we get even more screen time showing how each individual Mac Pro is made. How it is individually cut from a piece of metal, individually polished and individually assembled. Apple could have just as easy showed even two Mac Pro’s being assemble at the same time, but it didn’t.